Evident in the band’s tight musical and personal chemistry, Kettlestrings creates dynamic and eclectic sets, intertwining its own songs along with classics and hidden gems by Jimmy Reed, Diana Krall, Sara Bareilles, The
Pretenders, and Lucinda Williams, and other greats. Fans come to shows expecting the unexpected as Kettlestrings puts its own signature on each tune, through its unique and clever arrangements.

Current and former members from many of Chicagoland’s most popular bands including: Infinity, ARRA, Nuclear Waste, and many more. We brought our talents together in order to bring a different sound to the area, that uses layered vocal harmonies on top of a solid acoustic guitar foundation. We love to play to all audiences ranging from huge festival stages, to the most close-up intimate settings. The Acousticles love playing all of your favorite songs spanning from the 1960s through some of your current favorites! Not only do we love playing, but we love having a great time too! You can’t help but tap your foot and sing along when you’re hanging with The Acousticles.



Hardly a trio…. we know.

The band is steered by singer/songwriter/comedy dude/grumpy uncle Jacob Horn. With a unique and soulful voice Jacob takes people on a day by day of a twenty something living in the midwest’s most prominent city.